Thursday, January 3, 2013

Hello World

Hello Fellow citizens of earth, and journiers on this wacky road trip called Life!    I have wanted to start a blog now, for quite a long time, which is intentionally completely anonymous and likely to be read by nobody I know in real life.   My hope is that keeping this sense of anonymity will allow me to express myself freely, and completely, without censure, but at the same time to protect the feelings of friends, as well as myself.   I think I have a fairly interesting take on life, which hopefully people will find useful, amusing or otherwise entertaining to read about, at the very least.  We shall see, eh? 

So, allow me to introduce myself.    My name, for this purpose, is D, and I am living somewhere on the West Coast of the US.  My age is somewhere between old enough to have quite a few tales to tell and some war scars to go with them, and young enough to still have a rampant enthusiasm for life.       I am very well traveled, quite well educated, have a solid career, a great set of friends and family, a very checkered but abundantly entertaining love life, and a rather complex and dynamic personality. 

I'll be posting about my random thoughts on life, love, etc...about various events pertaining to people and travel in my life...and whatever else comes to mind.      In short, this is my journey and I thank you for your time reading about it.